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JDouglas Barker


  • With a passion for “all things creative,” J. Douglas Barker is an accomplished actor, singer, and audio producer. He has over 35 years of studio excellence and can be heard worldwide through his current efforts as producer and talent for Toginet Radio Network. He also has voice actor credits in the CBS “Movie of the Week,” along with countless commercials and studio work for a variety of regional and national accounts (Disney Companies, Churches Chicken, United Technologies, and many others). J. Douglas is a longtime professional in broadcast consulting, public speaking, sales, and marketing, along with being a husband and father.

  • Never been interviewed for radio before? No problem; the interview will be fun and easy. J. Douglas Barker will guide you through a “warm up” chat minutes prior to your actual interview recording, and you will have the option to decide what topics and questions you will be comfortable with for the interview.

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National Radio Host and Public Speaker, Author

JDouglas Barker is a consummate professional with not only the best voice I've heard in three decades. Mr. Barker is also highly skilled at delivering excellence with very tight deadlines. Mr. Barker is such a professional that he delivers without any oversight, just give him the script and your vision and he will turn his creativity loose! Shawn Michael Greener-

I have been producing film and video projects for more than thirty years

and have hired many actors and voice over announcers for my projects.   

JDouglas Barker is an on-camera actor and talented voice over professional

that has brought  great skill and experience to my 

projects. I find his talents outstanding in his ability to understand 

what we are doing and give me back a good read first time. 

He is eager and willing to go the extra mile to provide me with a 

product that my clients all rave about. He manages his wide range of 

voices in a way that brings out the very best of my messages. 

With confidence I use J. in many of my projects and have for more than 

ten years because there is no guess work in what I will wind up with from 

the voice or talent he has been cast for.

I would recommend J. to anyone needing outstanding

on-camera or voice over talent anywhere.'                                                                                      

William Leslie

Producer / Director

'JDouglas has consistently provided my clients with Voice Overs that "get the job done!"

His versatility and willingness to go the extra mile make him an obvious choice for my company.

As a video producer I demand excellence ... and with J.D.  I get that.'

Gary Eby

Gary Eby Enterprises/Digitech Seven Productions

'JDouglas Barker provides a broad range of skills in the field of Radio. Television 

and Film.

As a professional actor working out of the Texas market his on screen resume

ranges from dozens of commercials and industrial films to a CBS

Movie of the Week in which  he appeared along side of veteran actor Sam Elliot. 

His voice over credits include a client list ranging from the Disney Companies to Focus on the Family Radio. 

JDouglas has also created and produced radio and television campaigns for a variety of clients,

and is our first choice when  we need a professional with the skills to get our clients message delivered in a powerful and concise manner. '

Stephen Self 

N-Ventive TV Productions 

Books on a Shelf

'JDouglas has an amazing voice for characterization  and provided many different voices for our recent audio book project.

He breathed life into each character and made the listener anxious to experience

what was going to happen next.  We are in the process of completing our first book

and will use him again on  our future audio books.

We are greatly pleased and delighted in his work.  The timely manner he finished the production was beyond any agreement we had,

and he was such a pleasure to communicate with throughout the process.

I would recommend JDouglas Barker for any voice projects you might have,  you won't be disappointed!

He is highly talented and delivered the project with great integrity.'

M. King


'J. Douglas Barker did a great job.  What a voice!'

Carol / Great Ideas Advertising

"I love the production!  It's better than I ever imagined!  thank you" -Real Sports Mom radio

Thank you all very much! I am excited! J. Douglas was a fun, professional, great interviewer. He made me feel at ease and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you all again for this opportunity!. Maybe I can do it again with my next book.

Suzi Johnson

Enlarge My Territory

Thanks so much! I had a chance to review it. Speaking with J was a pleasure. The interview went in his words "fantastic, wouldn't change a thing"! I was very pleased I had instant connection with him. Thank you so very much for setting it up.


for your scheduling, reminding, and vote of confidence too! I appreciated getting acquainted with J. Douglas, who did an awesome job by the way. I don't know if you ever listen to the interviews, but I tried to use an expressive voice so I wouldn't sound too dull and boring or scared to death either one. I am glad to have had the experience and I hope that I will soon be able to do that without spreading my notes all over the kitchen counter!!! I will have to do that by Tuesday, because I am doing a TV interview that morning. Someone might notice my cheat sheets!

Please pass along my thanks to J. Douglas. He did a great job cleaning up the conversation we shared!

Just listened to the interview…and shock! I actually liked my interview! What I mean is…sometimes I HATE hearing my voice and things I say on the radio, but I was very happy with Jay not being confrontational…just letting me talk about the book. Confrontational media is not productive. We need more interviewers like Jay.

Does AH make a copy of just my portion? Just wondering? I’ll have to figure out how to do it, I guess…if AH doesn’t…and post it around to advertise for the book.

Janalee Tobias (Jessica Tobler)

Stephen Gore - JDoug...meeting and working with you was a highlight of my working are a creative extremely funny guy with talents most of us would be blessed to possess. I always appreciate your witty repartee to my posts. , Folks that know you honor your integrity and talent. Those who don't know you, don't know what fun they're missing not having you on their team.

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